Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Ocean Walk (Victoria)

In order to have some bonding time with Mum & Dad before I flew out to LA on my next adventure we (Dad) organised to complete the Walking track version of the Great Ocean Road.

I had never been past Lorne on the Great Ocean Road so this was an opportunity also to see some spectacular country. The drive down was jaw dropping...this is why it attracts so many tourists. The road cut into the cliffs edge was as impressive as the West Coast of NZ...perhaps better even as it was sunny and warm!

The car shuffle was tedious but hopefully Parks VIC people and tourism operators are keeping this in mind for areas to improve as the walk grows.

We started the walk at Cape Otoway and Finished just east of the 12 apostles.

Mums pack was exceptionally heavy allowing me to do little finger curls as weight training, Dad's looked heavier walking uphill and the dense items such as water, wine and tents were left for me to carry.

The walk is not challenging, certainly not steep and not isolated...I had phone reception every night but the views make it a fantastic walk to remember. The sandy beaches made it heavy going at times but for 13-15km a day it is a fantastic walk anyone can do.

Points I will remember:
  • The 2 Melbourne girls who completed the whole track (8days) and carried only canned food...their packs were half their body weight at the beginning...amazing achievement and amazingly stupid!
  • The Blackberry feast(s) we had along the track. They are a weed and take over, but get there at the right time of year and it is luxury to have fresh fruit when hiking.
  • Mum's amazing meals, she pre-prepared everything at home then dehydrated it. Simply add water for gourmet pumpkin risotto or fried rice.
  • The amazing views of the campsites. Always on the highest point, great views but terrible for having a swim after you have finished walking (maybe it is a safety consideration).
  • The toilets...positioned so you had a view

Great location, great food, great company...the Great Ocean Walk