Friday, September 2, 2011

The suicide pact and its organisation

Adrian (Erks) and myself (Sega) are going to be riding motorcycles south down through Central and South America over the next 7 months. Generally our plan is to ride south down the western coast line to Ushuaia (Southern most point of South America) and back up through the east coast...but like all good plans this is only an outline. If you are still confused then it is going to be a trip like 'Long way round' or 'Long way down' without the assistance of a film crew, less expensive motorcycles and in the America's.
Adrian has pulled out a gut busting effort over the last 6-9months to purchase and kit out 2x Kawasaki KLR 650cc motorbikes. As dual sport bikes go these are the cheapest however most commonly bike used for such a trip. Our gear is strapped onto the side of the "iron horse's" just like saddle bags on a horse. We are taking as little as possible...just like any backpacking adventure if you can get away without it...don't take it! In minimalist fashion some of the things taken include x3 jocks x4 socks x1shorts/board-shorts x3 shirts x1 set of thermals x1 is more of an issue than weight but this doesn't stop use trying to save some coin and we want to camp as often as possible so tent/sleeping bag/cooking equip./etc is also thrown in. Tools and repair items are also the necessity and we have enough to repair the bikes until the next major town.
Over the last month I have met more people who are amazed at our plan to ride south. Most people immediately think we are crazy and then try to offer the same warnings..."do you know about Mexico and how dangerous it is?" Surprisingly we haven't been living in ignorance and recognise the security risks...typically with the overly blasé Australian attitude of...she'll be right mate!
I remember the lesson's from high school outdoor education about REAL RISK and PERCEIVED RISK...well excitingly there is more from column A than B with this trip...corrupt cops/drug smugglers/rebels/general psycho's/poverty induced theft/violence...are the risks just from travelling to that region and the people (real or perceived is arguable)...consider the risk of travelling on a motorbike with crazy drivers/no real road rules/overloaded &/or poor quality vehicles and poor quality roads...this generally is a REAL risk. Combine this with the poor quality (non-existent) health thats a package deal on REAL risk!
We (Adrian) have done alot of research and reading on travelling through these countries...believe it or not we aren't the first to undertake such an adventure...lots of people have gone before us so their are numerous sites to give pointers/fair warnings and qualify the real risk(s). We have gone to the extent of even creating dodgy "Press" passes to hopefully be used at times to 'keep them honest' at border crossings as we pretent to document the process...with lots of photos and name writing. Not knowing Spanish can also be assistance as much as a hindrance as you can also claim to not understand and make them have to work to get the bribe out of you.

Anyhow the risk is real and this is sure to make it a much more memorable trip...should we fact Adrian's work mates are so convinced we are going to die they have started a betting pool on the date of our death(s)...nice one fella's! Our final hoorah in the USA is a party which has be called a 'wake' as this means they will have the 'bodies' to drink around as they foresee such a positive outlook on the trip.
Wish us luck; 'Buen viaje'; watch our progress and the many cool stories/photos to come!