Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kachemak Bay

I had a quick turnaround in Homer, enough time to stock up on dehydrated food and I was shuttled across the bay to go walking for 6 days.

Homer and Kachemak bay were blessed with non-stop sunshine for my entire trip, gorgeous summer weather in Alaska!

The highlights of Kachemak Bay were:

Glacier Tram - a cable cart which hauls hikers from one side of the river to the other. It took 20min of sweating swearing and force to pull myself across but least my feet didn't get wet (another disadvantage to solo hiking). On the way back I had to pull the tram/cable cart across the river first then pull myself across...30min of solid effort!

Emerald Lakes would imply a green colour but the snow and ice were only just breaking up. Beautiful vista's and fun following fresh bear tracks in the snow!

Grewingk Glacier - I camped not 200m from the Glacier and spent a morning climbing on and around it (as much as I dared without crampons). Love the glacier ice, its colour and the power carving the rock steadily and surely.

Black Bear encouters - these few bear that I did see must have been stupid or really deaf (I wear a bear-bell). Although they are the size of x4 dobermans they wanted nothing to do with me...and scampered away up and over the ridge line or into the forrest before I could even think about a photo opportunity. Black bear are the little tackers and are eaten by the brown (grizzly) bear so see these bear made me somewhat happier knowing the big fella's weren't around.

Poots Peak - Not only was this a mountain with an exposed rocky ridge to stand on the unexpected delight to sneak up on a Mountain Goat mother with a kid (baby goat) was enthralling to watch. They kid obviously learnt very very quickly to be sure footed as it was learning to walk on a cliff face! Coming down the peak was either the slow and steady way or run down the avalanche path...being sensible you know which route I chose and damn it was fun and fast!

Bush Bashing - seemed like a good the time! Found out why they call it Devils Club...spent the next week popping pussy thorn heads from legs/arms thanks to this plant. It grows on wet slippery slopes and is about 1 inch thick so when you start you loose your balance or slip instinct has it that you will grasp it...the Devils Club is a fine name as is leaves you with a handful of spines. 2hours to bush bash less than a mile...wont be making my own path anytime soon!

Sea Otters - while waiting for the water taxi to collect me I spent the time on a rocky outcrop watching the Sea Otters dive for shellfish and float on their backs whilst eating them.