Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 1 in Alaska

Buying a car...not exactly the easiest way to start a holiday.
I rode a bicycle around Anchorage to see in all about 20-30 vehicles...Craig's List offered a listing for a 2WD Ford Ranger...2WD meant that it was unpopular in Alaska where everyone drives a 4x4.
On first glance the "Red Rocket" don't look like much but then having a windscreen with that many cracks makes it look kind of chandelier-ish refracting the light.
The poor thing needed a good home and $850 later she had an Australian owner...without a home!
Then began the fun of trying to figure out what problems I inherited for spending so little. Insurance in the USA...crazily expensive for bare coverage and yet registration was $15.
As for a road-worthy...still drives doesn't it!
I then packed my bag (notice the singular) and drove south.